Michael Sychrava, DMD

Hello! I'm Dr. Michael Sychrava, a dedicated general dentist deeply passionate about providing exceptional dental care. With a strong commitment to ensuring positive and stress-free experiences for every patient, I bring over a decade of experience to the field.

My academic journey includes graduating magna cum laude from the University of Texas at Arlington, where I also excelled in Division One track and field. Specializing in children's dentistry, I focus on making a lasting impact on the oral health of our youngest patients.

During my time at Western University of Health Sciences, the dental school in Pomona, California, I not only excelled academically but also founded Delta Sigma Delta, the college's inaugural dental society. This platform was created to foster collaboration and excellence within the dental community, reflecting my commitment to advancing dental care standards.

Beyond clinical practice, I actively engage in community initiatives such as "Give Kids a Smile," Special Olympics, and WIC centers. These experiences have reinforced my belief in accessible and inclusive dental care for all.

I am also the author of "Dental Care for Children: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents," a resource that has received positive feedback for its practical insights. This publication underscores my dedication to educating parents and caregivers about effective dental care practices for their children.

Outside of dentistry, I cherish spending quality time with my family. My passion for cultural exploration has taken me on enriching backpacking adventures across South East Asia, providing me with a unique perspective that influences my patient care approach. Additionally, as an avid basketball enthusiast, I actively participate in friendly games to stay connected with my community.

For appointments or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to my office at 925-465-1200. I am excited to welcome new patients and contribute to their lifelong oral health journey.



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